A moment of your time…………

Well, I just want to write a little bit to lighten my heart.  I hope it helps…so here goes!

I’m not going thru anything that anyone else is not going thru or hasn’t been thru!

I miss my family that has passed on and my heart hurts all the time!  I can’t seem to move on from it!  I don’t think it will ever get easier, or hurt any less either, but, I will be strong and have faith in the Lord that he will lead me through it all!  My judgement day will come, and I trust in the Lord also, that He will invite me to rise up and rejoice with them in Heaven!  Until that day, I know I still have lots of family and friends.  Whether near or far, we still love each other …..and that love is huge!!!

I know most of you still have relatives here on this earth, so ……. do everything you can to keep them close and not let things that happen or has happened in life come between you.  Life happens, move on, forgive, live! Life, is too short to hold on to things that can be forgiven!  If you can’t forgive, you can’t live!

I know folks that hate, hold grudges, don’t talk to each other or don’t show any affection toward their family members at all, and I just can’t understand that. I have never understood that!  They don’t give each other hugs, they don’t even say I love you.  I just don’t know how their heart can stand it, day after day after day! Must be a long, hard, struggle to get through life!

Maybe, just maybe, all that is needed is a little moral support or a kind word! Nothing physical at all!  Think about it!  A brief phone call could totally change someones pain and sorrow;  to joy and hope!


Holidays …They are happy and ya know it … yes they are! BECAUSE … we may have lost some of our loved ones along the way, and our hearts are broken and we are sometimes very sad, and we will LOVE and MISS them for ETERNITY … BUT … we STILL have many more loved ones all around us that will always, ALWAYS, be willing to listen, and put forth their shoulder, when you need a shoulder to cry on! THAT’S WHAT FAMILY IS FOR, and WE HAVE THAT KIND OF FAMILY!!! Hallelujah!!! So glad we can all come together once in awhile for REALITY HUGS!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Ohhhhh……….I guess I’ll write a bit!

So…….how’s it???     I started off this year with a few days of blogging….was gonna write a little something every day …… but that didn’t last long.  Just can’t find the time really!  Always busy, busy, busy ….. actually just plain damn worn out … lol … maybe I’m just getting old and can’t keep up!    Oh well …. as long as I keep moving forward I guess it’s okay!     Anyways………!!!!    : )

Just want to say hey to everyone and share my lovin’s with ya!!!  Smooches and squishes as my niece Angela would say it … a sweet way to put it!  Sure wish life was so much easier and not so taken up with working just to make ends meet! Then maybe a lot of folks could get together and visit more often, but …… most of us can’t afford to go too far and there are too many miles in between!  Heck, I can’t even seem to get time to visit the relatives and friends that live in the same city limits as I do!  Sorry ya’ll, ya know it’s not personal, I love you all “to the moon and back”,  and jupiter, and mars, and ….. well you know I love you!  Hey, i finally got to say that “to the moon and back’ thingy ….. you know … that was going around there for awhile!  I’m sure that’s out dated now and there is an upgraded phrase out there that I need to listen for, but I am always way behind times as usual!  Heck I still listen to KXY (Classic Country) and KOMA (Oldies) radio stations ….. it lets my heart and soul go back to the good old days when life was …. well, it seemed better anyways!  That’s how I remember it!

But ……. That’s when Mom, Dad, the Grandparents and Aunt and Uncles were feeling like we do now, like they didn’t know how they are gonna make it, and feed all these dang kiddos!  Hell, we were young, and we had no idea they were working there asses off ….. and crying inside, so nobody could see!  Although they did always seem to get us through the hard times and get us those Christmas and Birthday presents we all wanted, didn’t they!?  Man, I even remember eating pretty good then too!  I am so glad they were strong willed and loved us all so much!  All without us kids having to worry about a thing!

Well, I know that all the women in my family were and are strong willed and have so much love in their hearts to give!  I also know that the next generations of women in the family are going to be just as strong and loving!  My nieces are all, beautiful individuals, and all so very different from each other, but I know that they all have love for this family and always will!  (They are all stubborn as hell tho!  lol)  Maybe that’s a good thing!

So … to pep things up a bit …. The “MEN” in this family are all so darn handsome …. yea, I said that, (I do know handsome when I see it) …. my two brothers, my uncles, and all my nephews!  Oh … and all their sons too, and there sons and so on!  So, needless to say, there will be handsomeness in this family forever!

So here’s to forever and ever, Amen!!!

Bet ya’ll are glad that’s over!  lol ….. but the words, …. they just kept coming out of my brain!    I know ya’ll love me …. and I love all of you!  Til next time!

Oh yea…the Christmas Tree

2016 Jan. 03     So, it’s the 3rd day of January already, and I just now got the Christmas Tree down, and put up! (If that makes any sense to you!)

We always leave the tree up until after the 1st of the year. I usually get it put up on the 2nd, but this year I was just being a little lazy.  So, anyways, it’s boxed up, taped up and in the storage closet for another year.  Phew, those things are a lot of work, but they sure are perty, huh?   I did have a little help from my Nephew Johnny James!  They just so happen to stop by and visit us for a bit.  Johnny, his daughter Tonie and his girlfriend Karanda were in town to see his Sister Angela.  He always stops in for a visit to see his Auntie anytime he is here.

The help sure was appreciated, cause those trees can be pretty heavy too. Even tho they usually break down into a couple pieces, they are still kinda bulky and hard to get into the box.  A piece of cake of course, for my big strong handsome nephew.  I love Johnny and Angela very much, as do I love all my nieces and nephews, with all my heart!  I hope this is a great year for everyone and we can all get together and visit more often.  Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, maybe so!  (Something my dad used to say all the time.)

Well, off to bed, it’s getting late.  Back to work tomorrow!  Got a little lazy with all these days off lately. Glad to have them tho and sure did enjoy them.  It will be a few months before I get any more days off.

Goodnight all … and God Bless!!!


Black Eyed Peas … the vegetable!

2016 Jan. 02     Oh yea!  I forgot to tell you that we did eat our black eyed peas yesterday …. you know, the ones your supposed to eat for good luck!  A little butter and a lot of black pepper and they were pretty tasty!  Baked some fish and hush puppies to go with them.  Yummy!!!   So I hope them little veggies bring us some good luck for the coming year!  Of course a lot of praying won’t hurt either! So, lets say a prayer to get things started…

Gracious God, as we begin a new year, help us to let go of all our failures, pain and hurt of last year.  May you guide our every step to make the most of every day in this new year, and may we bring glory to you name.  Amen



Happy New Year 2016…..Earthquakes and all!

2016 Jan. 01          Well hello there, ………. Had a good evening on New Year’s Eve…. we actually made it to midnight to bring in the new year!  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Kathie went to bed a little after midnight, and I decided to stay up for a bit longer.   Then…..at about 12:57 am …. there was an earthquake.  It shook us up a little!   It was a 2.5 magnitude and the epicenter was approx 4 miles from our apartment.  Oh well, it was rather small compared to the 4.2 we had 2 days before that. So after that, I figured it was time to go to bed.  So off to sleepy land I went …. just to be shook awake by another earthquake.  I could have sworn that thing was at least a 5 the way the walls shook and as loud as the big boom was. Scared the crap out of both of us and, oh yea, we were wide awake then.  Of course, I had to run outside to see how many neighbors ran outside too!  Only a couple!  Don’t know what we thought we were going to do out there, lol.  So then I went back inside and turned on the TV to see what the news was saying about it.    After a little bit they said it was a 4.2 magnitude.   The epicenter of this one was approx 3.5 miles from our apartment.  Man, this is a crazy way to start off the new year!  Hope there are not too many more of these things, that’s nerve racking!  Well, we went back to sleep for awhile and then got up and continued on with our day!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Happy Easter!!!

Well, all in all it was a blessed day!  Didn’t get to hunt any Easter eggs though, dang it!  We did go out to eat this year for Easter Dinner.  It was a little early, but it was dinner.  I’m just getting too old to want to cook and most everyone else has there own lives anyway. I don’t know how Grandma and Mom or Aunt Judy or Kathie or Beth or anyone else that did all that cooking for all those years did it.  I just don’t got the umph!!! LOL.

Anyway, Arryn and Kenny went with us to eat.  Kristofor was suppossed to go too, but he was too tired from working all night and didn’t wake up and answer the phone when we called him back. That’s okay, maybe next time.  We went to Furr’s Cafeteria over in Moore.  It was great and of course we ate waaaay too much!  LOL.   Always do when we go there!

Tammy and Dee invited us over to eat dinner with them, but we had already made plans.  Thanks for asking though.  We Love you!  I’m sure we will see you in a few days as usual.

I hope everyone else had a great day too!  God Bless!